Cam Valley Crematorium in Great Chesterford is inviting people to pay tribute to loved ones they have lost in honour of Mother's Day.

Between Friday, March 4 and Friday, March 15, visitors will be able to collect commemorative tokens, which they can inscribe and lay out in the communal gardens.

Sam Cunningham, manager of Cam Valley Crematorium, said: "We know that occasions like Mother’s Day are when people can particularly feel the loss of a loved one,  which is why we always like to offer something to enable people to pay tribute in a special way.

"Something else that visitors to our site can do is post a Mother’s Day card in our Letters To Loved Ones memorial post box.


"Regardless of whether they’re newly bereaved or lost their loved one a while ago, or where their funeral took place, our Mother’s Day invitation is open to anyone who is looking for a quiet place of reflection and comfort at this special time of year."

The crematorium is offering free personalisation, up to the value of £500, around the Mother's Day period for anyone planning to purchase a memorial in honour of a loved one.

The offer runs between February 26 and March 31.